10 Inspiring Weight Loss Success Stories Give You More Inspiration to Keep Fit


Weight Loss

Need a little inspiration? Here are the most inspiring weight-loss success stories.

Sarah Amos

All photosAge: 29Pounds Lost: 115Tip: “Sugar cravings are my weakness. For dessert, I’ll freeze sugar-free whipped cream and top it with fresh strawberries.”

Peggy Bradford

All photosAge: 47Pounds Lost: 73Tip: “I used to leave the dinner table feeling stuffed. Now I stick to a single serving of everything, and if I’m still hungry, I’ll eat a piece of fruit.”

Christine Samuelson

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All photosAge: 44Pounds Lost: 125Tip: “Going from 2,500 calories a day to about 1,450 by ditching the drive through, avoiding processed foods, and replacing six-sodas-a-day with water.”

Mimi Vasko

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All photosAge: 31Pounds Lost: 120Tip: “Whenever I lack the motivation to exercise, I tell myself to go for just 15 minutes. Inevitably, I feel energized and stick with it for an hour.”

Hilary Twaddel

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All photosAge: 29Pounds Lost: 85Tip: “I try to drink 100 ounces of H20 every day to stay full between meals. If I need a flavor boost, I stir in some Crystal Light.”

Stephanie Merchant

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All photosAge: 44Pounds Lost: 50Tip: “One of my favorite books is Michael Pollan’s Food Rules. The tip I live by: If your third grader can’t pronounce it, you shouldn’t eat it.”

Amy Plummer

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All photosAge: 35Pounds Lost: 105Tip: “I invest in high-quality athletic clothing. The performance-grade fabrics keep me dry and comfy so it’s easier to exercise longer.”

Amber Anderson

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All photosAge: 32Pounds lost: 67Tip: “Breaking a sweat later in the day fits best with my schedule. Plus, I tend to overeat at night, so working out then helps keep me away from the fridge.”

Caitlin Flora

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All photosAge: 32Pounds Lost: 182Tip: “I discuss my weight-loss struggles, such as finding the energy to work out after a long day, and triumphs on my Facebook page. The process is so therapeutic for me.”

Libby Westphal

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All photosAge: 45Pounds Lost: 68Tip: Hiring a trainer helped Libby drop 14 pounds and overcome her plateau before entering a bikini competition where she placed 8th in her age group.

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