A 5-Move, 5-Minute Workout Video That Will Sculpt You All Over


Build Muscle

If you thought five minutes was only enough time to pump out some measly crunches, you totally thought wrong. In the exercise video below, Women’s Health fitness director Jen Ator, C.S.C.S., author of the book Shape Up Shortcuts, leads you through a five-minute total-body workout. That means you’ll sweat like whoa from every limb in the time in takes you to wash your face and brush your teeth. 

The basics: For each of the workout’s five exercises, go as hard as you can for 50 seconds. Then, rest for 10 seconds before moving on to the next move. Woot, woot! (And you can check out more awesome—and super fast—sweat sessions right here.)

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Here are the moves in the video:
1. Track Start Deadlift
2. Goblet Squat
3. Chest Press with Legs Raised
4. Spiderman Lunge
5. Squat Walks


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