Building Muscle Is The Most Important Thing To Do


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Building Muscle

It is generally recognized that the body consists of roughly 50 trillion cells. The best way to picture this is as 50 trillion tiny, little circles. Inside most of these circles is a mouse on a treadmill, pedalling actually fast, generating the energy you then experience. The mouse is the mitochondria, the energy producing unit inside the cells.

In lieu of there being just one mouse (mitochondria) inside one circle (cell), with a greater muscle mass, you may end up with 10 mice inside one cell. Now that packs a mighty energy punch for you to enjoy!

Unless we actively build muscle from the age of 30 onwards we lose it. Embrace resistance training. This doesn’t have to mean going to gym unless that spins your tyres. In a yoga practice, you resist your own body weight. Pilates, too, is excellent resistance training, as is walking, gardening, farm work, carrying groceries and children. Don’t avoid movement. Take the stairs. Build muscle.

I always liked to start my day with a latte that I make myself. I sometimes then buy a coffee mid-morning when I am out and about. If I don’t speak to anyone all day, I feel OK. I do notice my energy crashes about two hours after the second coffee, whereas so far as the feelings of being overwhelmed go, they don’t kick in.

Building Muscle

Nonetheless, these days, at the age of 41, I only have to get a phone call from my husband, and, if he is panicked about something or seems frustrated with me, I can’t stop shaking on the inside after I hang up. I feel like the smallest task on my to-do list is overwhelming, I get so tense and I make mountains out of molehills for the rest of the day. I can end up in tears or shouting, which I don’t like about myself, notwithstanding I felt fine when I woke up.

When I came to see you about my periods, you asked me to take a break from coffee for two menstrual cycles. Not only did my premenstrual tension go away, but those feelings, even when my husband was worked up, did not arise the whole time I was off coffee. I can’t tell you the difference it has made to my day and to my health.

I now have one coffee on the weekend if my husband and I take the children out for breakfast, whereas it took that break for me to realise that the coffee was like the straw that broke this camel’s back!

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