Create Your Own Living Wall Art



Plants are natural antipollutants—many common houseplants actually absorb the formaldehyde that some furnishings off gas. Plus, you can integrate horticulture into your mindfulness practice. “Curating a thriving plant tapestry is much like deepening your yoga practice,” says Alea Joy, a longtime yogi and floral designer, and co-owner of Solabee Flowers & Botanicals in Portland, Oregon. “In order to grow, you have to set a daily intention and be present.”

Now that the leaves outside are gone with the autumn wind, create an evergreen sanctuary for your yoga space inside with a living wall of flora.

How to Create Your Own In-Home Garden

To start, install sturdy shelves, with an optional trellis, to support an array of potted plants. Then evaluate your home’s natural light, temperature, and humidity level and choose plants that flourish in a similar habitat.Employ creative flair to mix and match different textures, with about one plant per square foot of shelf space. Add cascading greenery, such as vinelike pothos, and implement soilless staghorn ferns and tillandsia air plants in any pockets of space. Then water as necessary, breathe deep, and practice patience as you watch the plants grow into a living masterpiece.

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