Ice-Cream Breakfast Be Good For Your Brain


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Many children and even most women like to eat ice cream, whether in the summer or winter, sometimes more popular in winter, and I think that eating ice cream can make the mood becomes Shulang up, we firmly believe that eating ice cream is not an excuse. But if you are looking for one, we have it. Researchers at Kyorin University in Tokyo say that according to clinical trials, people spirits boost consumption after a sweet and tasty breakfast, initially inspired by news reports. Yes, breakfast.
In the experiment, the subjects completed some tests on the computer. Those who eat ice cream wake up after they have more tests than those who did not succeed – even those who drink cold water, suggesting that the effect may not be due to cold temperatures.

Eating ice-cream brain activity also showed more high-frequency alpha waves, which were associated with increased vigilance.

Yoshihiko Noda, a professor who conducted the study, said he was trying to figure out which ingredients could enhance the brain power of the subject. Or just pure pleasure to get them to eat ice cream.

“Our brains need glucose functions, and high-glucose meals will help the mind’s ability to substantially fasten compared to the brain,” Nutritional Psychology researcher Katie Barfoot told the Daily Telegraph. Therefore, the main thing here may be just to eat breakfast.

By the way, your ability to score in a test is not the only factor to consider when you choose what to eat in the morning. While there is nothing wrong with including some sugary foods in your breakfast, ice cream can cause blood sugar to rise and fall. Since it will not take you all day in the end, it is a good idea to consider choosing a protein, fat, fiber that gives you full and vibrant choices.

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