Inner Success : Interview Aly Raisman, Olympics Women’s Gymnastics



This interview is about Aly Raisman.

I was so excited for the U.S. women’s team when they won—but I felt especially excited for Aly Raisman, who I’d been rooting for four years ago, and whose parents I am mildly obsessed with (seriously, there better be a SNL skit on them).

When i was invited to come meet and interview Aly, I jumped at the opportunity to learn more about her new denim line with the brand (and, yes, to find out where she keeps her medals).

Women’s Health: Why did you decide to create a denim line with Aeropostale?
Aly Raisman: Whenever I’m not at the gym, I’m wearing [jeans] and everyone wears jeans. My [Aeropostale jeans] are really, really stretchy so you can literally do splits in them. They are awesome. A lot of people ask me—when I am not doing gymnastics—to do splits, so I like that I can just drop and do a split anytime.

What’s your favorite workout to do when you’re not training for competition?
Running on the treadmill. It’s really hard but I love being by myself, listening to music. I’ll run for 10 minutes in a row and then I’ll do sprinting intervals and walk on an incline, so it will be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. But most days it’s not an hour because who wants to do that! It’s too hard. The sprinting intervals are really hard; I feel like I am going to die by the end!

What’s your go-to playlist song?
My teammates and I were obsessed with the song “Final Song” at the Olympics. That was the theme song to our group and it will always be good motivation and remind me of them.

Where do you keep your medals?
In a safe! I already saw stuff online [saying] where I live, so I don’t want anyone to try to steal them.

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