New Nike Video : Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas, and Serena Williams



Let’s read the news.

But even though the Games have officially come to a close and we can’t watch her killer moves on the Olympic stage, Simone is still bringing us major athletic inspiration (have you seen her six-pack?), not the least of which is found in Nike’s latest video, “Unlimited Pursuit.”

Alongside fellow Olympians and generally badass women Serena Williams, Gabby Douglas and Hope Solo, just to name a few, Simone shows off some seriously impressive training, sticking an insane looking triple flip with total grace.

Since she carried Team USA’s flag at the closing ceremony, Simone has been having some well-deserved fun, hitting up Copacabana Beach with her fellow Olympians and Final Five teammates in Rio, hanging out with Usher, and doing some sightseeing back in the States.

The Olympics may be over, but we definitely won’t be taking Simone off our list of inspiring athletes anytime soon.

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