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Discussion about Boday Mass Index or Waist Circumference or Something Entirely Different


Let’s see which is best for you. Body Mass Index The BMI is a standardized formula to determine the ratio between height and weight. BMI has …

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Why Plenty Of People Are Trying This Japanese Tea To Lose Weight


You are about to learn exactly how black soybeans help with weight loss, and how you can make your own very own kuromame tea. An article published …

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5 Ways That Yoga Keeps Your Heart Going Strong


Yogis know the poses that “open” the heart, however did you know that regular practice can help protect your ticker over the long term as well? …

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Off-switch For Obesity & Overeating Found In Our Brain


After tediously tracking calories and willfully shunning cravings, lots of dieters have probably dreamt of a simple switch that, when thrown, could shut down hunger and …


Low-fat Dairy Is Actually The Best Option?


Health messaging always tells us to dodge dairy fat. Dietary guidelines even recommend that we begin eating reduced-fat dairy from the age of two, however new …