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Female Tips

Healthy Habits That You Can Accrue to Minimize Chances of Stroke


  In the period between 1950 and 2000, heart disease increased the death rate by as much as 70% in the United States alone. Among them, …

Balanced DietNutrition

These Superfoods For A Super You


The 12 super foods covered here will take your health and athletic performance to the next level! If you’re looking for the secret to a long, …

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5 Ways That Yoga Keeps Your Heart Going Strong


Yogis know the poses that “open” the heart, however did you know that regular practice can help protect your ticker over the long term as well? …

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In The World Of Truly Low-fat Foods


If your 2016 resolutions contian less weight and better health, what should you do? Researchers have discovered that what we eat is the leading cause of …


Tell You 21-Day Vegan Challenge


Share Facebook Twitter Google Plus Pinterest Email Comments Ask the most well-respected nutrition researchers what the healthiest way to eat is, and they’ll give you a …