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Why Self Esteem Sucks & Why You Don’t Need It


Having high self-esteem is a great thing right? At least that’s what most of us believe. It is also what a lot of us aspire to. …

Build Muscle

WH Investigates: Women Who Walk Around Naked in the Locker Room


When you hit the locker room, do you whip your sweaty workout gear off with no shame? Or do you gather up your fresh clothes and …


Sad Proof That Most Women Don’t Think They’re Beautiful


Shutterstock It’s no secret that women often struggle with body image, but a new Dove campaign that launched April 7 is forcing us to look at …

Weight Loss

Real Women Discuss: Why Heavy Women Are Invisible


In the Journey After the Journey feature in the Jan/Feb issue of Shape, six incredible women—Heather McNally, Ashley Donahoo, Francelina Morillo, Brooke Birmingham, Dacia Root, and moderator …