The Weight Loss Strategies



The Weight Loss StrategiesYou need to eat less food or become more physically active. Better yet, do both. Exercise will help you lose weight and improve your health. You don’t need to do anything fancy, just get out for an hour of walking five days each week.

Or you may prefer the intensity of weight training or exercise classes at a health club. Just choose what works to keep you motivated.

Let’s get back to your diet. Taking care of your nutritional needs is important so make it a priority in your life. First you need to know how many calories to take in every day.

Use a calorie calculator to help you figure this out. You’ll need to eat fewer calories than you are currently eating every day to lose weight, but please don’t go under 1,200 calories per day without speaking to your doctor.

You need to keep track of the calories you take in (and the calories you burn during exercise). Use a food diary to keep track of all the foods you eat or join Calorie Count, which has an enormous database of foods to make diet record-keeping easy.

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