This Playlist Will Make You Feel Like You’re Working Out at a Music Festival


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Back in May, there was the Lightning in a Bottle festival in Bradley, California, where our fitness director, Jen Ator, made a cameo. And next week, more than 150,000 people will head to Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia, for TomorrowWorld, an annual three-day music festival and five-day camping experience complete with meditation sessions, yoga, Pilates, and even a cycling class from the boutique fitness studio Cyc.

Have you noticed how music festivals aren’t really just music festivals anymore?

“We are so excited to pioneer this partnership between TomorrowWorld and Cyc and offer the first-ever live Spin classes on music festival grounds,” says Alexandra Blodgett, co-founder of Cyc Fitness. “Healthy living and exercise have become integrated into our daily life as a passion, not a chore. TomorrowWorld recognizes that festival-goers don’t want to sacrifice their love of fitness for their love of music; they can have both.”


To pump you up for the festivities—even if you can’t make the actual event—we got Cyc to share a playlist similar to the one they plan on using at TomorrowWorld (check it out below, and download it on Spotify):

Illustration by Justin Miller


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