What Do You Want From Your Lover ? Little Acts of Love Will Shine My day


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If you are in a relationship with someone you love, what do you want from him or her?

Love isn’t just about eternal promises, blissful kisses, and endless nights of happiness. Sometimes, love is all about the little things.

All meaningful relationships are built on mutual empathy. It is not the big things that you do for me that matters, but those little moments of love, thoughtfulness, and affection that make a relationship fulfilling. You might shower me with diamond necklaces and luxury clothes, but if you forget to wish me on a happy birthday, chances are that the marriage is going downhill.

Whether it is sharing the last chocolate left in the fridge or preparing hot coffee when I need an instant recharge, it is these little acts of kindness that ultimately make my day.

It doesn’t matter if the restaurant is famous or not, your full mental presence is what makes me satisfiedKissing at Sunset


I don’t need expensive presents, I like the gifts that fit my needs

Angela & Alex-30


I don’t need you to stay with me all the time, I love the moments when you tell me you are missing me


I don’t need you to get rich, I just love your smile and confidenceCouple at Manhattanhenge

It doesn’t matter if you’re a communication expert, I just appreciate when you listen patiently without interrupting

Misha and Matt


The strength of a relationship lies in the small ways we show our love every day. Whether it’s kissing my cheek before leaving for work, preparing a scented hot bath after a tiring day, or simply texting an ‘I love you’ when I’m all alone, it is the little things that make life and love beautiful.

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