Workout Wear from Studio to Street



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We are taking submissions for our next Chic of the Week post and it could be you! We’re on the lookout to see who can style their Fabeltics outfit the cutest, and the winner will be featured as our next Chic of the Week! We will also be posting a photo of the winner on our @LaurenConrad_com instagram account, too. To buy your first outfit from Fabletics and start snapping pics, click HERE. Your first outfit will be 60% off up until July 20th, so start shopping now!

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Workout Wear from Studio to Street

Let’s be honest: Most of us would love to wear our favorite workout clothes all day long if our everyday activities permitted it. Nowadays, workout clothes are so comfortable and stylish that you can barely go to your neighborhood grocery store without seeing someone donning yoga pants and running shoes. But wearing track pants and a sports bra into the office or out to lunch? It doesn’t quite say “put together” (as much as we wish it did!).

Since all of us here at Team LC are big advocates for being chic and comfortable while being out and about, we set out to prove this notion wrong and find a way to wear our favorite Fabletics workout wear during our day-to-day activities. We discovered Fabletics a few months ago and fell in love with their subscription service that allows you to pick out cute workout clothes every month and have them delivered right to our doorstep. So, when it came time to put our skills to the test, we found that with a little creative styling, Fabletics workout clothes are already so fashionable that we could actually mix and match their pieces with our regular clothes and accessories to wear while running errands, going out to lunch and even heading into the office.

Workout Wear from Studio to Street

These quick styling tricks will make it easy to wear your favorite workout clothes at your desk or at dinner, and we can almost guarantee you’ll be inspired to scoop up some of Fabletics’ new monthly workout wear while you’re at it. Without further ado, here’s how to style your workout clothes in the studio and on the street…

Running Stadium Stairs or Running Errands

When you have a full day of running errands ahead of you, it’s nice to make an outfit change after your AM sweat. After all, you never know who you’ll run into at the market. Replace your Fabletics Hebron Jogger Pants with white cut off shorts, a denim jacket and sandals. But no need to change out of your Fabletics Red True Tank and Juneau Bra—they look perfectly natural with your casual ensemble.

Workout Wear from Studio to Street

Jogging on the Beach or Lunch with a Friend

So…you headed out for a Saturday morning beach run and remembered last minute that you have lunch plans with a friend right after. You won’t have time to go make a full fashion turnaround, but don’t panic! Simply change out of your Fabletics Bristol Running Shorts and replace them with a casual gray maxi skirt. Keep your Fabletics Norcross Tank and Juneau Bra on, splash some water on your face, put on some mascara and lipstick and you’ll be ready to roll.

Workout Wear from Studio to Street

Yoga Class or Heading into the Office

Our motto is that if you have to be spending you’re entire day at work, you might as well be comfortable doing it. Luckily, yoga pants are versatile, classic and extremely comfortable. Namaste your morning away in Fabeltics Camacan Capri pants with the Tropez Bra and Lakeland Vest. And when it’s time to head to work, wear your pants with a bright blazer, a classic blouse, black flats and your work handbag. Workwear never looked so chic!

Workout Wear from Studio to Street

We had a blast styling these pieces… And with workout clothes as cute as the ones from Fabletics, it wasn’t hard to create several different outfits. Get your first monthly order of Fabletics gear sent straight to your doorstep by clicking here. Simply create an account, fill out your fitness profile, and choose your favorite workout pants, tops, sports bras and accessories. Before you know it, you’ll have a package waiting at your doorstep. And one of the best parts? All the options are incredible affordable. You’re going to become obsessed!

Workout Wear from Studio to Street

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