Give You 11 Thoughts Everyone Has the First Time They Try a New Workout Class


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And when that day comes, you’ll undoubtedly experience a wide array of emotions—seriously, starting a new workout can feel like it’s up there with going on a first date or a job interview. Believe it or not, the day will come when you decide you’re super-bored with your usual Pilates/bootcamp/barre class and will suddenly find yourself wanting to try something new.

Here are 11 thoughts that’ll more than likely go through your head the next time you decide to try a new workout class.

1. OMG These People Look So Hardcore
…I’ll just find a spot in the back.

2. What the Eff Are These For?!
Do I lift this? Step on it? Throw it?

3. Is It Bad If I’m Already Sweating and We’re Still Warming Up?
This instructor does not mess around.

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4. What’s Up With This Playlist?
Ed Sheeran? Really?

5. Okay, This Is Really Hard
Would anybody notice if I walked out right now?

6. How Is Nobody Else Dying?!
I swear that girl in the front row isn’t even sweating!

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7. My Butt Is Not Going to Thank Me For This
Note to self: Bring butt pads next time.

8. Am I Even Doing This Right?
Fake it ‘til you make it, right?

9. Wait…This Is Actually A Really Good Workout
I wouldn’t be surprised if I got a six-pack if I kept coming.

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10. I’m Totally Kicking Ass Right Now
*”Eye of the Tiger” plays in head*

11. Okay, Maybe This Wasn’t So Bad After All
I wonder when I can fit this class into my schedule again…

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