How to prepare for lunch help you just lose 50 pounds


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When we are in a hurry and pressure, it can become a ruin your eating habits, so you must be more planning and preparing to come in, “Lauren Harris – Mr. Pincus, a registered dietitian, who lost 50 pounds, and through the study of the simple change of her meal plan for decades. (no depressive salad or hunger pain!).


1. If you’re eating out, pick a place an hour beforehand.


Harris – Pincus said that an hour before you feel hungry picked up your lunch, or do a mental plan, where you are going and stick to it. A study from the Journal Appetite found that in order for 45 minutes before eating lunch than those who make the game time decision on average 145 calories and 8.9 grams of fat. “When I’m not hungry, I’m more likely to stick to my goal,” Harris – ping said.


2. Don’t expect your lunch to last until 4 p.m.


When there‚Äôs a long workday ahead, some of us pile up our plate at lunch to last us through dinnertime. But adding extra slices of meat or cheese on that sammie adds lots of extra calories and isn’t going to hold you over. Instead, eat just enough to give you energy at lunch, and keep a drawer of healthy snacks (like apples, bananas, or almonds) on hand for the 4 p.m. munchies, says Harris-Pincus.

Try these avocado toast recipes next time you’re starting to get hangry:


3. Put veggies on your plate first.


If you go to the office in the cafeteria, vegetables or salad on your plate (for a double, if they mean). Your vegetables and vegetable should occupy half of the room on your plate. “Once you have completed, you can look at other options,” Harris – ping said.


4. Protect your lunch.


Packing your lunch is almost always leads to healthier choices – but nothing whets the appetite to eat one of my old, fashionable Tupperware container or save a dirty sandwich. Compressible gear such as Pyrex glass container, can be placed in the microwave oven, or a can of frozen bento lunch box (to protect your food in a long commute) can be all the incentive, you need to be a healthy family package.


5. Think outside the salad.


A quick trip to the grocery store and preparation on Sunday, you can have health, weight loss and friendly meal, would you like to eat the actual work. We can’t all life on the kale and carrots. “I like through the crush a shop to buy chicken, adding quinoa or brown rice, beans and grape tomatoes or other tasty vegetables, to keep them fresh, a meal” on Monday, Harris said the prince.