Aussie Mum Claps Back At Trolls Who Said Her Muscles Made Her ‘Manly’



Aussie Mum Claps Back At Trolls Who Said Her Muscles Made Her 'Manly'

Aussie Mum Claps Back At Trolls Who Said Her Muscles Made Her 'Manly' Instagram

When it comes to colours, foods and beauty standards, society has long believed that these three combos clash: blue and green, pizza and pineapple and (unfortunate as it is) women and muscles.

But Aussie fitness influencer Chyanne Weatherby (aka, @aus_fitmum) has had enough. Taking to Instagram earlier this week, she shared a side-by-side photo of herself (clothed vs in her undies) in an effort to dispel the belief that a fit physique makes you “manly.”

“Whack me in a dress and you wouldn’t even think I lift,” she wrote in the caption. “So many people are quick to judge a woman based on her flexed pose… but I can guarantee that they’re probably the same type of person who’d cat call or stare at her while she’s walking down the street.”

This isn’t the first time that Chyanne has taken a stance against body shaming. Back in February, she called out trolls who had judged her muscular frame.

“I’m sick of people feeling as if they can comment on my body saying I look manly,” she wrote. “Lifting weights will not make you manly. It will make you shapely! What people don’t understand is the amount of effort it takes to look how I do! I flex in my photos because it shows off my muscles, it doesn’t mean I walk around looking like that all day long.”

Here’s the thing; associating muscle tone and sex is something that needs to stop. Both men and women can benefit from strength training – and not just aesthetically. (We’re talking, better sleep, lower blood pressure and a faster metabolism.)

And in any case, the fact that Chyanne feels great about her figure is reason enough to support her… dressed up, dressed down, muscly or not!

Lucy Bode

Lucy Bode

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