Female Tips : What Crazy Thing Will People Do to Lose Weight ?


Weight Loss



It seems that all Americans are desperate to keep fit.

What might surprise you, however, is just how much some millennials are willing to give up in order to reach their goal. One in eight millennials would give up their cell phones for an entire year to reach their ideal weight, and one in 10 would go without the Internet for a full year to hit that number, according to a survey of more than 1,300 Americans, commissioned by healthy eating delivery service Personal Trainer Food. One in eight millennials even voted “looking fit” as more important than their future. Um, what?

We know millennials are a special breed. After all, they’re drinking a fair share of the world’s wine, are killing the running game and, in the end, prefer exercising over drinking. So why are they willing to give up their cell phones and the Internet (possibly the two most quintessentially millennial things that exist) to lose weight?

The short answer: Dieting is a bitch, and healthy eating is hard when you’re first getting started. More than a quarter of Americans give up on dieting because they don’t see results fast enough, while 35 percent feel healthy food is too expensive and almost 20 percent forgo their diet because they don’t have time to cook, according to Personal Trainer Food’s survey.

The good news is that healthy eating doesn’t actually have to be that difficult. Start with the holy grail of healthy eating and weight loss tips, and know you can absolutely eat healthy on a budget (this writer did it on just $5 a day). Not sure where to start? Here’s a seven-day healthy eating plan that covers everything from your grocery store shopping list to the meal prep itself.

To be fair, you could also point to the Internet’s downright obsession with junk food for making millennials want to look the other way (yeah, we’re talking about you, #foodporn, pizza, and viral calorie-bomb treats). In fact, a recent study found that scrolling through pictures of food on social media might actually make food less enjoyable. So maybe those millennials are on to something—a year without tech to get our best bodies ever? While we’re not sure we’d go to quite that extreme, a few tech-free days here and there couldn’t hurt.