How to Exercise out toned backside for Women


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Who does not want a fit buttock? Foam rolls will play a bigger role and will definitely keep your muscles burning. The target performs 15 to 20 times, three times on both sides of the exercise. After performing the following sequence of exercises, keep the heart rate moving up and down from the ground. (Get a flat abdomen in just 10 minutes a day with our reader-tested exercise program!)



Standing on one foot planted a roll and the other firmly on the floor. Bend your knees in a squat-like position, keeping your core forward from your torso while protecting your back. Push your legs straight in the roller straight to the side, keeping your other leg still stable. Pull the leg on the roller back to the starting position with your inner thighs and buttocks while keeping the still legs of the knees in the ankles. For an additional challenge, keep the legs straight on the rollers, add small pulses to slightly bend the knees and raise your station. Repeat on the other side.



Not only does this one tone your butt, but also strengthens the back and balance the work. Start lying on your back roll with your feet. Keep your pelvis and roller still stable, lift your hips into pelvic bridge and hold. Once you find the balance, lift the leg to the position of the parade and then switch to the other side. Keep your core, do not roll up your neck, let the shoulders away from the ears. Still trying to hold the roller. For an additional challenge, lower your hips one inch or two on each side and have a pulse switch leg.

PliƩ with Heel Lift


Place one foot on the ground roller and one in the original position. Make sure your legs are wide enough when you bend your knees over your ankles without scrolling. Bend and keep the knee or squat position, and then the low to the ground. Keep the roller stable and make sure your body is kept on the foot should move. For an additional challenge, keep the heel and add small pulses. The lower you get, the more you will get burned and tone.

4-Part Bridging


Start to sit on the floor, feet roll. Lift your ass to the bridge position until you find your balance. Put the roll with your legs without giving up your hips. Lower your ass on the floor and then roll the roller back to the starting position. Change your direction. For an additional challenge, lift your arms to challenge your pelvic stability and your core work. Make sure your body does not rock from side to side.