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Whether you went a little tweezer-happy at home (oops!) or booked an appointment with a new waxer that ended in a too-thin job (ugh!), when it comes to growing your eyebrows, the struggle is real. And going on dates and to important work meetings with a botched brow job makes you as self-conscious as walking around with noticeable new strays. Here’s how to minimize your growing pains.

Step Away from the Magnifying Mirror

It might seem like everyone is staring at those tiny little hairs sprouting all over the place, but they can’t see them unless they get close… really close. So stop analyzing your brows with a zoom, or you’ll end up over-tweezing again and delaying the rehab process, says Anastasia Soare, brow expert and founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Make Concealer an Everyday Staple

While you let your brows fill in, you don’t want to touch any hairs coming in right below them. If the growth is looking very patchy, use a dab of skin-tone highlighter or creamy concealer to camouflage the stubble, says Soare. Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer ($8, and Josie Maran Creamy Concealer Crayon ($20, are two of our favorites.

Keep Your Brows Groomed and Brushed

Leaving your arches unkempt will only bring attention to their unevenness. Use a pencil or powder in a shade that matches your hair to draw wispy strokes in sparse areas. NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil ($5, and E.L.F. Studio Eyebrow Kit ($3, come in a wide range of shades. Comb a spoolie brush over your eyebrows to blend the color for a more natural look, and finish by setting the hair in place with a clear brow gel, says Soare.

Give Hair a Nourishing Boost

Just like your scalp needs to be healthy for your mop to grow, the skin around your eyebrows needs to be moisturized and well-cared-for so new strands are strong. A serum with peptides, vitamins, and botanical extracts encourages regrowth, so your wait time for full brows is shorter, says Soare. She recommends her own Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Enhancing Serum Advanced ($38, However, “Keep in mind that serums can only encourage growth based on whether or not your follicles actively produce hair,” says Soare. “If the follicle doesn’t [grow hair] by nature or is too damaged, no serum will make hair appear.”

Don't Completely Abandon the Cause

To keep your eyebrows polished and in shape, you still need to wax or tweeze them regularly. “Think of this as a building block experience,” says Soare. “While you may have over-tweezed or your waxer may have taken off too much, you still need to maintain your shape and get waxed [or] tweezed every two to three weeks to take care of the surrounding areas in which you are not trying to regrow hair.” So make an appointment with a brow expert to clean up surrounding areas and trim long hairs.  Brave enough to DIY? Use a brow stencil, like Ardell Brow Perfection Stencils ($4,, as a guide.

Watch this video to find out how to perfectly groom your brows at home:

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