Actually Kudos to Nike for Featuring Women of Different Sizes in Their Latest Campaign



That’s why we’re so obsessed with Nike Women’s new campaign, featuring curvier models donning the new Pro Bra Collection. The brand casually dropped the images on Instagram a few days ago—without a single mention of the phrase “plus-size” in their captions. Model Paloma Elsesser was featured in the the first photo released on the ‘gram.

We all know you don’t have to be a size two to love getting your sweat on at the yoga studio or gym. But, ironically, many fitness apparel companies have been slow to appreciate that fact in their ads.

It’s received more than 71,000 double-taps and hundreds of comments praising Nike for representing all body types. She posted additional pics on her own account, too.

Claire Fountain, the founder of Trill Yoga and well-known body positivity advocate, was also photographed for the campaign.

The positive reaction extended beyond Instagram into the Twittersphere, too.

Well done, Nike! We’re behind anything that inspires more women to be active, comfortable, and confident.