How to lose weight fast through a healthy diet


Low-FatWeight Loss

If you eat the same amount of calories the cheese cake makes the rice cake, will you get more weight? It’s like asking the sophomore stumper-which is heavier, a pound of feather or a pound of lead? The answer is no, because their The weight is the same, and your weight gain! Good food particles matter less than the number of calories you pack.

Any food that is fattening If you eat too much, this means that no food is “fattening”: unless you make it so. Fat-free food, there are many virtues of asceticism. They really do not taste good, so they must have some important nutrients, if not philosophy, benefits. Like medicine. Because it is fat free, we further believe that you can eat you. The real concern is that part of the control.


There is no doubt that our body naturally needs a certain amount of fat and cravings this basic constant nutrient until satisfied. If your food does not have fat, this craving will never be satisfied no matter how much lettuce or bar you have for breakfast. The fat-free diet makes the body nagging you higher amounts of food because it never gets asked to put in the first place. In fact, it is worse than that. A low-fat diet not only makes your body get the normal fat you need, but it actually generates desire. By stimulating the insulin response, the sugar, increasing the energy of these foods exits from your little offending, creating hunger.


Marked fat diet evil, the number 1 public enemy consumption of sugar caused an unexpected rise. Why is that. Suppose you are a food producer, you have this wizard, you have to sell biscuits. If fat, you still need to make them tasty. How do you do it? Soft drinks are perfect examples. They are low fat drinks but about 12 teaspoons of sugar per 12 oz!

Have you ever tasted a flat soda? Just like drinking syrup, usually hidden in carbonization. Interestingly, Dr. James Stubbs and his colleagues recently pointed out that experiments show that overeating will be sweeter in the diet, especially when these sugars are in solution (such as soda). And most importantly, high fructose corn syrup is placed on hot dogs, hot dog buns, and even pasta sauce. Even these are not dessert foods!

Sugar consumption increases to 20 to 35 teaspoons per person per day! So it clearly shows that fat itself is not a problem. Over the past 10 to 15 years, although the total consumption of fat decreased weight problems have passed the roof. Even our usual suspects of fat consumption, eggs, butter, and dairy products remain unchanged or fall.

Eat these things in the land you more sugar, make you tired, make you hungry, so that you eat more things that make you fat. At this point, you walk around the sewer. You can complain about the biochemical pathways of your diet, but if you eat foods that contain high fructose corn syrup, then pass them along with more desert biscuits, and wash them all back to soft drinks and you will gain weight and heart disease.

9 calories per gram of fat, carbohydrates and protein 4. This means that fat can be met more than protein or carbohydrates: When a person eats high-fat foods, the body tells them to stop early, and they do not want to. Fat will increase satiety, especially in the carbon chain triglyceride butter and coconut oil. These excess fat hormones activate and slow gastric emptying (so you feel a sense of satiety for a long time). The human body has a very complex internal “calorie counter” that naturally compensates for a higher energy density (more calories per gram) faster fuller feel. This is a very elegant system, as long as you stick to the real, complete food, it is beautiful. However this does not apply to junk food, which is specifically designed to make people addictive, so it covers the natural plump feeling that makes you eat it.


People should pay more attention to healthy eating, not worry about dietary fat. The US Department of Agriculture recognizes that some saturated fats are needed. Saturated fats contribute to the formation of cell membranes throughout the body, good immune function is necessary, it is a basic building blocks of hormones and provide energy.