Meal Replacement Shakes For Weight Loss


Weight Loss

Unlike protein shakes, meal replacement shakes can be used to help you shed pounds, for fast and visible weight loss results.

What is a Meal Replacement?

Meal replacements are specially balanced nutritional substitutes, most commonly in the form of a shake or a bar. Each meal replacement is enriched with over 25 essential daily vitamins and minerals so every meal has a perfectly portioned amount of calories and nutrients your body needs to help you burn fat.

Who can take Meal Replacements?

Meal substitute products are suitable for any want to lose weight, add a healthy diet or just increase the daily protein intake. Alternative meals are delicious and convenient way to help you control your calorie intake and skillfully nutritionally balanced, ensuring that you consume all the essential nutrients needed to support a busy lifestyle. In your bag quickly and simply throw a bar and a healthy meal is busy, plus our meal is ideal before or after the exercise meal to complete the energy and help repair the muscles. No additional supplement is required.

When should I use meal replacements?

In a world where many of us are living high-stress fast-paced lives with little time to cook or prepare nutritionally balanced meals, convenience is king! Meal replacements are a perfect alternative to breakfast, lunch or dinner when time is short for a guaranteed healthy and delicious meal on-the-go.

Can I use meal replacements to lose weight?

Absolutely! If you want to shed some pounds and see fast and visible results, a meal replacement diet is the perfect choice for you. Simply replace your traditional meals with up to three delicious meal replacements each day, plus up to two high protein healthy snacks depending on your preferences to achieve your ideal body transformation, reducing your overall calories to around 800 – 1000 per day.

Will my body get everything in needs?

Each meal replacement product is enriched with over 25 vitamins and minerals; just three products a day contain all the recommended nutrients your body needs to stay strong and healthy. Meal replacements are also high in protein and fiber, leaving you feeling fuller for longer to promote weight loss.

Meal Replacement Shakes For Weight Loss

Will I be hungry?

By consuming up to 800 calories a day, your body enters a natural metabolic state called ketosis. Once your body uses up its energy reserves of glycogen it starts to burn fats. This process produces ketones and after 2-4 days your body will enter ketosis, causing your body to use its fat stores to produce energy. Whilst in ketosis your blood sugar levels remain consistent, and therefore you may experience reduced feelings of hunger. This is known as ketogenic dieting.

How much weight could I lose?

Some dieters report losing up to 10lb in the first week! Meal replacement diets are incredibly effective and have transformed the lives of thousands of people. There could be serious added health benefits too; Kings College London is currently undertaking a study on the effect of total meal replacement diets on supporting the reduction of symptoms Type 2 Diabetes symptoms.

Meal Replacement Shakes For Weight Loss

Top 5 Exante Shakes

  1. Chocolate – Thick, smooth and creamy, our classic chocolate shake is a dessert-lovers dream without the added calories!
  2. Lemon Cheesecake – Enjoy the rich cheesecake flavour whilst shedding some serious pounds. A creamy smoothie with a distinct taste of lemon, it’s filling and refreshing to make losing weight and keeping it off easy!
  3. Strawberry – Perfect for the warmer climate, our sweet and tangy Strawberry shake is a burst of berry flavour you’ll enjoy all year round. Refreshing and indulgent, this rich and creamy shake is great for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even as a dessert!
  4. Almond Vanilla – A totally indulgent, oh-so-nutty almond vanilla shake that’s just like a dessert! It’s the perfect creamy, guilt-free pick-me-up when you want a sweet treat without the extra calories!
  5. Cookies & Cream – The perfect healthy alternative to high-street options which are often loaded with sugar. With cookie crumble pieces and butterscotch flavorings, this deliciously creamy shake is a sweet low-calorie breakfast option, or a nutritious high-in-fibre lunch to keep you going throughout the day.

I would like to see a friend of this article can know how to replace milk shakes can be used to effectively help you lose weight. If you think you need a little extra support and guidance, Exante has a series of diet plans for your recommendation, regardless of your goal. They are simple and flexible, whether you want to dress / waist down, enhance or change your eating habits to lose weight to achieve greater ambition.