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Changes Your Brain And Makes You Mentally Healthier: Swimming


We all know how relaxing a good swim can be. It allows more oxygen to flow to the muscles and forces you which can  regulate your …

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How to live a Healthy and Fit Life For People Around 40 ?


If you just passed your birthday and notice that you are not longer young, you should take more time to live a healthy life. At 40, …


Show You The 3 Main Types of Gym Goer


These three classes of individuals have different reasons, methods, and abilities when it comes to working out. They also have different outlooks on exercise, and life …

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3 Efficient Workout Ideas For 2016


The New Year is just around the corner, and with obesity rates at an all time high in the United States, it’s no wonder numerous American’s …

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15 Photos of Fitness-Themed Tattoos That Will Tempt You to Get Your Own


What better way to commemorate running a marathon than with a trip to your local tattoo parlor? More and more women are getting inked to honor …