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Actually This Is the Best Exercise to Work ALL Those Core Muscles


Luckily, recent research published in the journal Physical Therapy has revealed the best, most efficient way to work all of your core muscles. After placing electrodes all …

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Drink This 60 Minutes Before Your Next Workout to Completely Crush It


According to new research, you should be using your go-to cup of cold brew to power through your gym sessions, too.  You’re probably used to using …

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5 Ways for Women to Pee in Public While Running


The gallon of water you downed. The mile-long bathroom line 10 minutes before your race starts. The broken port-a-potty. The sheer anxiety of knowing your long …


The Fitness Blogger Proves Weight Ain’t Nothing but a Number


Well, fitness blogger Kelsey Wells posted a picture to Instagram yesterday that basically gives fit women everywhere yet another reason to flip the bird to the scale. …


Actually Kudos to Nike for Featuring Women of Different Sizes in Their Latest Campaign


That’s why we’re so obsessed with Nike Women’s new campaign, featuring curvier models donning the new Pro Bra Collection. The brand casually dropped the images on …