Top 5 Fad Diets To Avoid In 2017


Weight Loss

The British Dietetic Association (BDA) has published a diet to avoid in 2017 for all those looking for a magical bullet in order to lose weight, to put things at face value and to trust anyone to talk about nutrition, food and diet.

Clean Eating Diet

A clean diet is a seemingly simple concept. Instead of ingesting ideas around more or less specific things (for example, less calories or more protein), the idea of food is more about taking care of its origins and the path between the plates. A clean diet is to eat natural foods, or “real” foods – those that are un-or minimally processed, refined, and treated to make it as close to natural formation as possible. Although this diet helps to reduce refined sugar and limit processed food intake, food is ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’. In some cases, this way of thinking is a prelude to “Orthorexia appetite” – to individuals that are healthy foods and to eliminate any food that is considered unhealthy. In fact, in many cases, food nutrition benefits are deemed unhealthy, such as containing cereal, fruit and dairy products, and there is no basis for scientific evidence.

Unless you have a medical diagnosis of intolerance or allergies to these foods, there is no need to eliminate them, and doing so may lead to deficiencies in the diet.

Diet pills

There are certain pills that claim to keep fat from being absorbed by your body, or ‘melt’ fat, whilst others claim to suppress appetite or boost metabolism.

Fad Diets To Avoid

BDA warns:the use of these diet pills without consultation of your GP, pharmacist or dietitian as even regulated weight loss medicines on prescription can have nasty side effects including diarrhoea. What is alarming is the rise in the number of diet pills for sale online – these products are often unregulated and can contain substances not licensed for human consumption like pesticides and have proven to be fatal.


‘Tea detoxing’ or teatoxes are tea products having varying claims from detoxing the body, improving skin, reducing bloating and losing weight.

According to BDA, these teas often contain extra caffeine in the form of guarana or yerba mate, diuretic ingredients such as dandelion and nettle and the laxative, senna, which is not safe to take for longer than a week without medical supervision. They might create the impression of weight loss and detoxification but this is usually water-weight loss. Any further weight loss would most likely be due to substituting these teas in the place of high calorie drinks or food or as part of fasting plan. The risk accompanied are diarrhoea, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, gut damage and a lack of scientific evidence.

The 6:1 diet

This diet involves eating like you usually do for six days and then for one day a week, some followers of this diet completely fast, meaning they don’t consume any food for 24 hours.

BDA confronts, complete fasting unless properly managed can lead to a lack of concentration, tiredness and low mood, which isn’t going to make you more productive. There is no evidence that a diet like this would make you more creative either, and depending on your age, health and lifestyle, fasting could be dangerous. Always choose an evidence-based plan and consult a medical professional to ensure that this is done in a healthy and safe way.

Fad Diets To Avoid

Green juices

Speaking of weight loss & management, use the ever-increasing variety of green fruit juices or fruit juices, vegetables, powders and so on. Fans claim to benefit from rejuvenation and weight loss. In the eyes of the British Dietetic Association (BDA) the human body is perfectly capable of women themselves without these green liquid mixtures. Adding green juice to an unhealthy diet will not make up for poor choices when it comes to food. In addition, people add ingredients such as nuts, coconut oil and whole avocado green breakfast juice – which means that these juices can add up to 400 kcal / glass. If you are still eating a normal breakfast on top of that, you are more likely to gain weight by consuming more calories than losing weight. Limit intake of fruit juice / juice 150 ml per day.

Remember, losing weight is too challenging and keeping it, but it is not impossible. Do not make yourself more difficult to follow a fashion.