Women Fashion : What’s in Karla Souza’s Gym Bag?



How to Get Away with Murder‘s Karla Souza is training with two of her costars for a triathlon relay—she’s rockin’ the 18-mile bike portion! But when she’s not cycling, she’s in a hot yoga studio. “It feels so purifying, like a detox.”


karla souza

1. Leggings
“I like full-length, black ones that I can wear to work without feeling underdressed and then wear straight to my workout.”

2. Protein Bar
“If I miss a meal because of my busy schedule, I eat one of these until I can have a real meal. I love that it has no sugar.”

3. Sports Bra
“They’re cute with different designs and colors, and they also have a lot of support for when I wear them running.”

4. Deodorant
“I use a men’s deodorant. Guys tend to sweat more, and I sweat a lot. Plus, I absolutely love the smell.”

5. Gummy Vitamins
“I love that they’re in gummy form. It feels like I’m having candy even though I’m not.”

6. Hair Ties
“I just got a hair tie that looks like an old telephone cord. “It helps with not leaving a mark or breaking your hair.”

7. BCAA Supplement
“While I work out, I put a scoop of the BCAAs in my water bottle. During the workout, I sip on that, which helps replenish electrolytes.