You’ll Feel Extra Jazzed After Doing This 15-Minute Cardio-Strength Hybrid Workout



Let’s get to know this workout.

That’s when a partner is clutch. “Sharing a workout motivates you to dig deeper, because now you have someone else feeding off your energy,” says Heidi Powell, a personal trainer on Extreme Weight Loss, who designed this routine with her husband, Chris (also a trainer on the show).

Here, you’ll trade off exercises—one cardio drill and one strength move. The quicker you speed through your high-intensity cardio, the fewer dumbbell reps your bud has to bang out. This gets you both into the fat-burning zone faster—and keeps you there.

Think of these pairs as supersets. Starting with the first superset, complete the required reps of the first exercise while your partner performs the second until you finish; then switch exercises within that superset. Continue to the next superset and repeat the pattern through the third superset. Then finish as a team: Trade off rounds of burpees until you have collectively banged out 100 reps (one of you can do more than the other, and feel free to take breathers). Do this routine twice a week—and if you’re feeling extra jazzed, go ahead and knock it out solo.